Girl’s weekend in Virginia

I have some big life changes coming up soon (more on that later in March!), and as part of the transition I’m going to be weaving in some more personal posts.  Things I’m doing, people I’m with – certain posts will be more focused on what’s going on in my world. This is one of them! Hope you enjoy and want to follow along; I’ll still be including nutrition-focused tips and sharing a lot of great food :)

Girl’s Getaway

One of my longtime friends, Alli, noticed that her husband has a lot of “boy’s weekends” – camping, hunting, hiking, bachelor parties…practically every other month!  So she convened a group to share some high-quality time for ladies only.  We rented a cabin on AirBnb, decided to share cooking responsibilities, and planned to do a hike and visit a winery.

2016-03-05 12.16.192016-03-05 11.58.58

It was a little cloudy and gray – but at least no snow, and there was even a hot tub so the chilly air was nice to have.  We visited Wisteria Farm & Vineyard for a tasting on Saturday, and stuck around with a packed picnic and a bottle of their Adonis red wine.

2016-03-05 13.27.26

They even sell wool from their sheep and eggs from their gorgeous chickens!  I bought a skein of wool (all from one sheep, named Thaedra) and Courtney (the one in the quilted coat above) is going to knit me a hat in exchange for some pottery.  If you can’t do it all, trade for it all!

Here’s a summary of the food: venison stew with grits and homemade rosemary bread, spinach and onion strata with a grapefruit salad, french toast with leftover grits and berries.  Definitely a weekend I’m glad I have country-born friends who COOK!  We only had 2 big meals each day, and snacked for midday/hiking.

I took the opportunity to bring my DSLR camera and practice my food photography…these are my best shots, but for every one of these there are 3 that are over or under exposed.  Living, learning!  We closed out a beautiful, cozy weekend with a hike in Shenandoah River State Park:

Oh – and one more shot: the only boy who was allowed was Alli’s dog, Gilbert.  He’s a black lab/Great Dane mix, and he is a CUDDLER: IMG_3270.JPG

I hope you had a charming and relaxing weekend – plan a weekend escape with friends!  Spending time with people who make you feel special and whole is the food your soul needs.

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