Rocket Recap: the weekend’s recipes in pictures


Back from my 3rd Rocket Retreat with Jonathan Ewing – we have the schedule nailed down now, so the only things that change are the meals, the people, and the workshops.  Catch up on what Rocket yoga is and a little more about the retreat concept in either of my past two blogs on the topic…and enjoy the shots of food below!

Maryland shore soup with optional crab, baked potato bar, and almond crusted chicken tenders


2015-10-18 19.59.35
Baked eggs on toast with topping bar, Parmesan sweet potato wedges (photo courtesy of @tresslermania, who also shared many other lovely photos of the weekend on Instagram!)

Greek salad with grilled steak or pan roasted tofu
Peach and blueberry breakfast cake, cooling in the window

Scrambled egg bar, breakfast cake, and roasted potatoes

All of the above, plated!

Pasta with cauliflower alfredo and shrimp + antipasto platter

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