On projecting positivity and taking shots

No, not that kind of shot.

This is a blog mostly about eating well and exercising…but I was inspired to mix it up, because living to your highest potential goes way, way beyond those things.  We are happiest when we feel loved, connected, and valued, and when we are doing what we were put on this earth to do.  Sometimes we’re prepared for those moments of ecstasy and joy…but let’s face it, it’s even better when they sneak up on us (see the third vid posted below)!

Watching people take a chance and NAIL IT is a huge rush…here are 4 examples (all musical in nature!) to inspire you to give your best whenever you get the chance.

First of all, Billy Joel is one of my Top 5 Favs of All Time, and my go-to for karaoke.  Second of all, when a student in an audience at Vanderbilt asks to play with him, he’s like, “….ok.” And then does one of the better versions of New York State of Mind I’ve heard.  Bam.

Next we have Kristin Chenoweth, major Broadway star, and another audience member who walks up and busts out vocals that rival Kristin’s.  Kristin lifts her up (metaphorically) and graciously acknowledges her talent.

This one might be my favorite.  Partly because I love Michael Buble, and partly because his reaction goes from humorous, to snarky, to jaw droppingly open and exuberant.  I laugh every time he gets shocked by the kid.

Finally, a classic moment that you’ve probably already seen but one that takes the cake on having guts and reaping glory…Susan Boyle on X Factor.  She is older, frumpier, and less hip than probably any other contestant and people are actually laughing at her…until she opens her mouth to sing.  Belt it, lady!

“And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”  —Marianne Williamson

When was the last time you shined?

2 thoughts on “On projecting positivity and taking shots

  1. Thank you for the Marianne Williamson quote in particular. It very much can be connected with Susan Boyle. She has just spent 3 days with Special Olympics athletes, travelling with them, performing at the Opening Ceremony (Bath, UK) and presenting medals – while at the same time a news story is out about a woman suing her boss for calling her ‘Susan Boyle’. The news story gets lots of coverage – Susan’s wonderful time with the athletes gets none. That is modern society.

    • I hadn’t heard the news about the suing, that’s pretty wild! Thanks for highlighting the good stuff she does. Positivity begets positivity, but unfortunately the opposite is true too!

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